NEW: Speedway 5, 1,404Wh Battery/3600W Peak Power


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  • High performance dual-800W motors, 37+ MPH scooter

  • Latest in the Speedway family, the 5 is the first to sport dual-motors for rapid acceleration, sustained high speed cruising & superb hill-climbing powers 

  • Estimated range of the 1404Wh battery pack can provide up to 50 miles distance at moderate cruising speed

  • Main features: large 10″x 2.5″ tubeless tires, excellent suspension, dual-disc brakes, deck headlights, sturdy aviation grade aluminum frame, new EYE Dashboard, & fingerprint scanner . 

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Technical Specifications

Speedway V Manual
Speedway V Logo

Speedway 5. Color-&-Suspension-Overview

Color Options: available in both black & white.

New ‘EYE’ Dashboard: now comes equipped with the upgrade Eye Dashboards, found on the latest Dualtrons.

New Suspension: the new front suspension system has front-forks positioned at 45° angle, to better absorb direct impacts to the front motor & frame.

Improved Headlight: fitted with a brighter front head-light for riding in low light environments & two deck-level lights.

Speedway 5. Tire-Brochure-Information

Tubeless Tires: new & improved tubeless tires to reduce down-time owing to flats. Most flats are the result of innertube failures rather than puncturing the tire itself.

Detachable Rims: rims that detach from the motor hub, simplifying tire replacements & saving you from having to remove the motor.

Speedway 5. Motor-&-Suspension-Upgrades

Dual-motor Power: not only is the Speedway V now equipped with two motors, but each them has received a power boost from the earlier generation, up from 600w to 800W & a peak output rating of 3,600W.

Dual-front Shock absorbers: beyond the new dual-motor setup, the two front shocks is one of the key new improvements to the Speedway V. These are designed to improve the handling, specifically when hitting an irregular head on.

Speedway 5. Lighting-Effects

Head/tail Lighting: brighter front headlight & rear brake-activated tail-lighting.

Turning Signals: as with the Speedway 3/4, the Speedway has integrated turning signals & horn buzzers, mounted to the separate control on the left side of the handlebar stem.

Reflected Logo: cool effect with the Speedway logo, which is reflected from the ground, through an under-deck lighting element.


  • High Performance eScooter: this Speedway 5 has similar performance capabilities to the Dualtron 3, with a pair of 800W motors (sustained) & a controller that can produce bursts of power up to 3,600W. What this means in practical terms is a theoretical cruising speed of +35MPH & the ability to be able to surmount nearly any hill with the greatest of ease. 
  • Suspension: visually, the Speedway IV & 5 are very similar in appearance, but one key exception, the front fork suspension. Here the significant change is the front springs have been replaced with a pair of hydraulic dampeners, positioned at a 45° angle to better absorb impacts, when the front fork is takes a direct bump or modest curb from the wheel.  
  • Security: we are offering our Speedway 5s fitted with the fingerprint scanner as a bonus addition, normally a $125 part + installation. With a single finger swipe to the scanner, you can instantly unlock the Dashboard. One unique benefit of the Speedway series scooters over the Dualtrons, is the slotted CNCd support truss from the bridging the deck to the handlebar steering column, this allows you to physically secure the scooter with a chain or u-lock to a bike rack of lamp post. 
  • Tubeless Tires: based on our experience, the main culprit of punctures on scooter tires is the result of the innertube abrading against the inside tire wall, significantly shortening the lifespan of the innertube. With a tubeless tire, the statistical frequency of getting a flat is reduce 5-7x less.    
  • Other: the Speedway series scooters have the fold-in handlebar extensions, that reduces the total foot-print in the collapsed position & an adjustable height handlebar column for different sized Riders, extending up to 38.5″, as measured for the standing deck. Another distinguishing feature to the Dualtrons, is the front headlight, turning signals & horn. 


  • Weight: the Speedway 5 weighs 68lb. Compared to single-motor counterpart of similar battery capacity, like the Speedway 4, the Speedway 5 weighs 16lb more with the same physical footprint.    
  • Sincpower battery cells: the Speedway 5 is fitted with a 23.4Ah battery pack from an established Chinese battery manufacturer, Sincpower. This brand is not as well established as one of the alternative big three of Panasonic, LG, Samsung, but there are now millions of vehicles that use this manufacturer’s battery packs. There is less certainty about the total lifespan of the battery pack beyond 300-500 charge cycles.  
  • Price: at $2,100, the model is positioned on the higher end of the scooter price spectrum, with performance capabilities to match. A comparable, albeit larger scooter with less features, is the Turbowheel Lightning, which is $410 less expensive.   

A Closer Look at the Speedway 5

A Closer Look at the Speedway 5

How Does the Speedway 5 Compare?

eScooter Electric Scooter Comparison Chart Table of Specifications, Dualtron, Speedway, Turbowheel, Ninebot Inmotion, Thunder, Zero 10X, Zero 9, Dart, Hornet, Lightning

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • I’m having difficulty choosing between the Speedway V & other options like the Turbowheel Hornet, Lightning & Dualtrons. What are key traits that make the Speedway V compelling?
    The Speedway V offers a more compact footprint over the Dualtron 2 LTD, DT3, & Thunder, at a lower price. It is also the only Speedway that features the dual-motor, fingerprint scanner, better suspension, & the power to propel heavier Riders up the steep inclines of cities like San Francisco or Los Angeles. If you’re looking for Scooter with more range & battery pack with LG/Panasonic cells, then the Dualtron options might be better for your needs..  
  • What is the maximum weight supported?
    Although the official specification sheet lists 100kg/220lb; in practice, with this model’s capabilities, it should have no trouble for Riders around the 310lb range; beyond this load, the suspension might feel pretty flat.   
  • How waterproof is the Speedway V, can I use it in the rain?
    The Manufacturer’s recommendation is that you try to avoid excessively wet conditions, puddles & standing water. During assembly, the factory has sealed up the entry points to the battery compartment, etc; however, if it is very wet, water may find its way into the sensitive interior, resulting in water related damage. 

  • What type of warranty is provided?
    We offer a one year warranty for the parts & labour. It does not include shipping costs, which may be between $50-$150 (within the US), depending on the distance from our repair center in Tucson, AZ. While other dealers of Electric Scooters typically only offer a 3-6 warranty for the battery pack, we stand by all our products with a full one year warranty. Exclusions to the warranty are wear-and-tear & improper use, please refer to our warranty page for the full terms & conditions.
  • Can the battery be upgraded to a ‘brand name’ pack?
    There are no plans at this time, however, it might be a possibility in the future.
  • How many charge/discharge cycles can one expect from the battery pack? 
    This depends on a variety of factors: the weight of the Rider, high usage of regenerative braking, frequent hill use, how hard it’s driven, weather conditions (freezing temperatures are not ideal for Li-ion batteries), & most importantly the end-point charging voltage. If you use the 5A fast-charger & set the termination point to 80%, this single action alone can extend the lifespan of the battery by up to 4-5 times! The other benefit of partial charging, is that it lowers the risk of degrading your battery pack through the use of regenerative braking on a full charge.
  • What is recommended maximum rate of charge? 
    We offer an optional 67.0v/5A rapid-charger for the scooter (see below), which represents roughly a 1:1 ratio of charge to ride time, this is about 3x higher than the stock charger.
  • Is there a seat available for the Speedway 5? 
    Yes, the existing Speedway IV bracket can be mounted at the back of the deck, we have these seats available for $125. 

Folded & Unfolded Dimensions

Electric Scooter Dimensions & Weight Comparison Summary Graphic, v1.4

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