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NEW: Speedway Mini 4 Pro, 614Wh Battery/500W Motor

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The Mini4 has been Discontinued
Replaced by the new TurboWheel Dart


  • The Mini4 has been superseded by the new Turbowheel Dart, a 9″ Scooter which is better in every area to the Mini4


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    Technical Specifications

    Mini4 Pro Manual

    What’s New in Mini4 Pro

    Improved, Safer Battery Pack:

    Until now, all the Speedway Electric Scooters were fitted with a Lithium Polymer battery from a reputable Chinese manufacturer; however, from our experience with selling several hundred of Mini4s, it has been found that the battery defect rate averages about 8%, on an annualized basis—majority were out-of-box defects. There are some benefits of this technology, like a lower Wh/$$ cost & higher volumetric/weight densities.  

    In our continuous efforts to provide our Customers with the best possible purchase value, reduced downtime, & offer the greatest product longevity, we are extremely pleased to announce an agreement Speedway to fit a tried & tested LG Li-ion battery across the Speedway product line, including the Mini4, Speedway IV, & now with the introduction of the Speedway III as well. 

    The primary benefit to this LG Li-ion pack is that it’s predicted to yield a 20% improvement on degradation (based on manufacturer cell cycle data), improved safety, robustness, & can be repurposed at the end of the Scooter’s useful life. This pack is composed of the LG MH1 3.2Ah cell, configured as 13S4P—13 cells in series & 4 parallel—for a total of 52 cells in the battery pack. 

    Battery Lithium Ion vs Lithium Polymer

    Solid Front Rubber Tire:

    The most common problem on the Mini4, were getting flats on the front air Wheel. A sudden deflation, can be hazardous, loosing some ability to steer & maintaining control with the handlebar. As of June onwards, the Scooter is now fitted with a solid rubber tire, which is immune from punctures & flats. This upgrade will give you greater ease of mind while riding. Existing Mini4 Customers can purchase this tire as a replacement, it comes fitted in a new rim.

    Battery Lithium Ion vs Lithium Polymer

    Other Improvements:

    One other common problem that afflicted the earlier Mini4s, was a tendency for the screws to become loose & sometimes fall out. We have since directed the factory to start applying a threadlocker compound to the threads of screws during the assembly process.  

    Scooters are now shipped in a double box to reduce the chances of damage during transit. 

    What Makes The Speedway Mini4 Pro Unique?