54.6v/5A Rapid Charger. Swift, Dart, Mini4


  • Fast-charger for the Speedway Mini4, with a 3-pin GX16 connector
  • Latest Generation 5A charger, provides more than 3x faster charging, than the factory standard ‘brick’ model
  • Packaged full of features: LCD display, variable current, battery extending partial charging setting, dual-input voltage, reset switch
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Overview of Features

High Power Output: at 5 Amps, this charger has a maximum DC output of 273Watts, which is the equivalent energy consumption of cruising on the Scooter at 18 MPH, or a 1:1 ratio of charge to ride time. The standard Speedway brick charger, on the other hand, is just 100W.

Extended the Lifespan the Battery Pack by up to 400%: it is generally accepted among battery experts, that if a battery, which has a nominal voltage of 4.2v, is regularly charged to around 4.05v (or 80% nominal capacity), it will have profound life-extending properties, preserving the useful lifespan of a lithium-ion battery pack by up to four times the standard cycle rating. The current state-of-the-art battery cells typically are rated to retain around 70% of the original capacity after around 500-700 discharge/recharge cycles. With a partial charging, this can well exceed 2000 cycles!

Partial Charging is also Safer: battery cells are extremely sensitive to the slightest amount of over-charging above the 4.2v voltage. Because an Electric Unicycle uses regenerative braking for slowing the Wheel down, on a full battery, it’s possible to exceed the maximum voltage causing irreparable harm & premature degradation. Charging to 80-90% provides the battery with a capacity buffer to absorb the surplus energy of braking after a charge.

Variable Current: on the side of the charger is an Current selector, where you can choose the output Amps ranging from 1-5. Speedway Mini4 battery packs has a 665/748Wh battery pack.

IMPORTANT!: DO NOT USE this charger on other device, which have the same connectors, if the charge rate is too high for a another pack, it may severely degrade the longevity of the pack.

Voltage/Current Display: both the voltage & current are shown on a large LCD display mounted on the top of the charger. This gives you an instant snapshot on the exact progress of the charging status. When the current starts to drop, it is an indication that Constant Current (CC) phase has completed & is now starting the Constant (CV)—this is where the battery is about 80% charged & where the charging cycle starts to ramp down.

Source: http://www.fveaa.org/forums/index.php?topic=1302.0

Input voltage selector: if planning to take this charger to another country, Europe for instance with the 240v voltage, you can change this setting via the input selector.

Reset button: once the selected charge % has been reached, the charger will automatically shut-off but remain in standby mode. When plugging the Wheel back in, simply press the reset button, which will resume charging again.

Comparison of the Gen III & Gen IV Electric Unicycle Fast-chargers

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Weight 3 lbs
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