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NEW: Turbowheel Hornet, 921Wh Battery/2x 500W (2400W) Motors


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  • High performance dual-motor 28+MPH scooter

  • The Turbowheel Hornet is a rare breed, having both the qualities of having high-performance & being comparatively compact 

  • The LG 921Wh battery pack can provide up to 37 miles distance

  • Main features: solid rubber tires, excellent suspension, hydraulic brakes, key security, headlights, separate voltimeter, large color dashboard, horn, trolley wheels. 

  • A contender for the best value dual-motor electric scooter

Out of stock


Technical Specifications

TurboWheel Hornet Manual (Coming Soon)

Key Features of the Turbowheel Hornet 

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Turbowheel Hornet Key Features Details


  • High Performance eScooter: a key design objective for the Hornet, was to have a comparatively compact but superbly equipped Electric Scooter that would be capable of taking on the rigors of the daily urban commuter. With the dual 500 watt motors & large 921Wh, 78 battery cell pack, th