NEW: Turbowheel Lightning+, 1260Wh Battery, 2x 1200W (3600W) Motors


Lightning+ 1260Wh, In Stock
Lightning 957Wh, ETA Early August

  • Order now & receive upgraded 10×3″ Tuovt Tires fitted

  • High performance dual-1000W/1200W motors, 40 MPH capable

  • The Turbowheel Lightning is an ‘Economy’ high performance dual-motor Electric Scooter

  • Estimated range of Lightning 957Wh battery pack, ~30 miles distance, or ~40 miles with the new 1260Wh/60v Lightning+ 

  • Main features: excellent suspension, dual-hydraulic disc brakes, key security, deck headlights, separate voltmeter, large color dashboard. 

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Technical Specifications

TurboWheel Lightning Manual v1.6
Turbowheel Lightning Logo

The Lightning+ is the latest development of the popular Lighting eScooter, with several upgrades for higher performance, now comes equipped with the Nutt hydraulic braking as standard equipment. 

Turbowheel Lightning- Montage, Features, 2
Turbowheel Lightning Battery Comparison
Turbowheel Lightning Logo
Turbowheel Lightning- Montage, Features, 2


  • High Performance eScooter: the dual-1000W/1200W motors packs a tremendous amount of power for high speed cruising, upwards of 40MPH, & the capability to take on take on some of the steepest road gradients you’ll likely to encounter.     
  • Suspension: both the front & rear wheels have suspension, the front & rear have both a spring & hydraulic damper with adjustable screw setting. The large 10×2.5″ tires also help to absorb much of the impact from the road’s surface to the riding deck.  
  • Safety & Security: for braking, the Lightning is now fitted with front & rear hydraulic disc brakes, in addition to the regenerative braking power from the motors. There are integrated front & rear deck lights (if riding at night, you will want to attach a brighter handlebar mounted headlight as well). The rear lights have a pulse mode when the brakes are tapped, to alert those behind of your presence & to anticipate you slowing down.
  • Extra features: the Lightning is fitted with both a key ignition switch & the a separate voltage readout display, these are not found on the more expensive models. 
  • Value for Money: in the large dual-motor Dualtron equivalents, the Turbowheel Lighting offers similar capabilities to the Dualtron EX at a $690 lower cost, it is one of the best the best valued eScooters in its’ class right now. 


  • Weight: at 77lb the Lightning is a very heavy scooter, 15lb more than a similarly spec’d Dualtron EX2. The handlebar does not lock onto the deck, making handling of the scooter, while not in the handlebar upright position, a bit cumbersome.   

A Closer Look at the Turbowheel Lightning

A Closer Look at the Turbowheel Lightning

How Does the Lightning Compare?

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