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Turbowheel Lightning 957Wh Battery, 2x 1000W (3600W) Motors


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Sorry, sold out. Replaced by the Vsett 10+

  • Order now & receive upgraded 10×3″ Tuovt Tires fitted

  • High performance dual-1000W/1200W motors, 40 MPH capable

  • The Turbowheel Lightning is an ‘Economy’ high performance dual-motor Electric Scooter

  • Estimated range of Lightning 957Wh battery pack, ~30 miles distance, or ~40 miles with the new 1260Wh/60v Lightning+ 

  • Main features: excellent suspension, dual disc brakes, key security, deck headlights, separate voltmeter, large color dashboard. 

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Technical Specifications

TurboWheel Lightning Manual v1.6
Turbowheel Wheel Tire Options

Tire Options

Now offered in a choice of upgraded 10×3″ Tuovt street tires, or the hybrid off-road Tupda 10×3″ type.

The wider tire offers a number of ride quality benefits over the 10×2.5″ size: better stability at speed,  longer service life, & reduced likelihood of punctures, having a larger contact surface area with the road surface.

Knobbly tires are generally not recommended, if intended to use the scooter predominately on paved surfaces; it makes for a rougher ride, & the handling in turns is degraded. However, with this hybrid tire, it offers a compromise between traction off-road, while providing a tread that is continuous enough, where the ride quality is not dramatically negatively impacted for street use.

In short, if you intended to use the scooter exclusively on a paved environment, then go for the street tires. If it’s a mix of paved & off-road terrain, then the hybrid tires will be better suited for your needs.

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