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NEW: Turbowheel Phaeton, 2x 1,600W/2,520Wh Samsung Battery


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Sorry, sold out, to be replaced with the Bronco

  • Heavy-weight eScooter capable of ~60MPH scooter

  • The ultimate Turbowheel eScooter, better value than Dualtron Thunder, while commanding a healthy technical superiority margin

  • Samsung 2,520Wh battery pack can provide up to 80 miles distance at moderate cruising speed

  • Designed for those demanding a top-tier solidly built scooter

  • Order now & receive the upgraded 84v/5A rapid-charger


Technical Specifications

Overview of the Tubowheel Phaeton

Turbowheel Phaeton vs Zero 11X vs Dualtron Thunder

The Turbowheel Phaeton is the newest member of the family, with performance specs to rival any top-tier Dualtron. This scooter is serious piece of equipment with total emphasis on performance & ride stability.   

  • 2,520Wh/35Ah Battery Pack: the Phaeton’s battery capacity is 460Wh greater than a Dualtron Thunder, & 226Wh larger than the Zero 11X; containing the Samsung 35E 18650 3.5Ah cells, which gives the Phaeton extra ride time & range over the competition. 
  • Dual-1600W Motor: this extra oomph equates to faster take-off, max speed, & hill-climbing prowess. These motors are fitted with the same 11×3.9″ tire of the Thunder & 11X.       
  • Controllers: using the latest twin 2x 45A @ 72v controllers, with peak power output rating of 6,480W.   
  • Adjustable Steering Damper: new to the Phaeton is an adjustable hydraulic steering damper, for improving the handlebar  control & stability, at the higher operational speeds, this comes as standard equipment.  
  • Dual 500lm headlights (installed): in contrast to the feeble lightning on a Dualtron, the Phaeton is equipped with a pair of high-intensity headlights for riding in low light conditions, these are feed from the main battery pack. 
  • Hydraulic Brakes: each motor assembly has a hydraulic Zoom caliper & disc brake. This can be supplemented with the regenerative braking, activated through the Dashboard of configuration settings, with up to 5 levels of stopping power.  
Turbowheel Phaeton- Montage

How Does It Compare?

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Scooter Dimensions

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