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Veteran Sherman, 3200Wh Battery/2500W Motor. Deposit


Available on backorder

  • Temporarily Out of Stock, next ETA late November
  • Price $3,699. $1,000 deposit, with $2,699 balance due on arival to the US 
  • Latest batch: Includes wider 60mm rim, updated pedal hangers, water resistant top panel
  • Shipped with the knobby Kenda 262 tire 
  • Made by former Gotway Engineers, desiring the ultimate high-performance 20″ Wheel for the Veteran Rider in mind 
  • ,200Wh battery pack, 2,500W motor, max speed potential ~45MPH
  • First Wheel with an integrated Dashboard displaying speed, mileage, battery state of charge

Available on backorder



First Review of the Veteran Sherman:

5th July Updates

Production #s for batch 1: we had increased the order quantity for batch 1 from 50-100; as of this morning the factory only has 50x of the motors available for first shipment by container date of July 14th. There will be a communication in the next few days of deposit placement dates & shipping arrival times.

Street Tires: 70% of the initial production run will have a street tire fitted (exact model/type will be confirmed in the next few days).

Pedal Dip on Sharp Turns: this reported behaviour from the preproduction evaluation Wheel is expected to be less pronounced dipping on tight turns before shipping.

Display: production release will include a MPH read-out & an improved transparent plastic layer over the LCD interface

Bluetooth App Support: there’s a new beta release of Darknessbot, which now supports the base feature set for communicating with the Wheel for obtaining battery/speed stats, etc. EUC World & enhanced Sherman specific extensions are expected in the next month.

Charge Port Upgrades: the GX16-5 charge port connector will be fitted with wires on pin 1-2 (+) & 4-5 (-) to support up to 8A for a single charger.

Pads: the Sherman will be shipping with a set of pads as standard equipment (picture to follow), our PowerPads are available too at the time of these arrivals.

Fender & Seats: Veteran is working on designing a Custom fender for the Wheel, seats are a lower priority, but should be available within the next 6-8 weeks.

Functional Diagram:

Veteran Sherman Functional Diagram

Overview of the Display Dashboard:

Veteran Sherman Dash Interface Information

Veteran Sherman Table of Specifications:

Wheel Performance
Model Name Sherman
No-load Free Motor Spin Speed  61mph/100kph, max potential cruising speed ~45mph
Nominal Motor Power 2,500W
Battery 3,200WH/100.8V, Panasonic NCR18650GA 
Max Climb Gradient 30°
Max Load 330lb/150kg
Standard Charger 100.8V/5A
Charging Time to 100% 8hrs
Dimension and Weight
Dimension 21.65″ Length x 7.67″ Width x 23.3″ Height (500x195x592mm)
Net Weight 77lb/35kg
Pedal Dimensions 9.85″x 5.11″/250x130mm
Pedal Height/clearance 6.9″/170mm
Controller 12x HY MOSFETS, peak power output
Active Controller Cooling Dual cooling fans, activation at 45℃
Tire Size 20″ inch off-road tire
Trolley Handle Integrated into shell body
Dashboard Display Speed, voltage, odometer, ride modes, Wheel settings, etc.
Speed Limit Settings Set through integrated display, future App integration
Calibration Set through integrated display, future App integration
Shell Structure Metal looped roll-bar for lifting, scratch resistant ABS plastic shell
Input Charge Ports Dual-input charge ports, supports up to 8A charge current
Headlight 2x 750lm = 1500lm output
Taillight Turning & brake warning lights
Low Battery Protection Low-voltage Alarm @ 78V, ‘get-off now’ 75.6V
Battery Protection Overcharged, over-discharge, input short-circuit protection
Controller Over-temperature 185°F/85°C
Package Gross-Weight 88lb/40kg
Box Size 22.4″ Length x 11″ Width x 27.5″ Height (570x280x700mm)
Extreme Electric Unicycle, Dimensions Weight Comparison, v1.2. Begode Hero, EX.N, King Song S20, Veteran Sherman, Begode Commander, Veteran Abrams, Monster Pro MonsterPro
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of stock tire will be fitted? 
    The Sherman will be fitted with a Kenda K262 20″ knobby at the factory; there will also be an option to have a street tire option, which can also be purchased separately. More information on the brand/model tire will be provided later.
  • Can the Dashboard/Display interface be used to configure the Wheel settings?
    Yes, most functionality such as the riding modes, pedal angle, max speed limits, lighting (including backlight) & calibration can all be set through the LCD interface. Similar to other Wheels, there will also be an App interface, expected support through EUC World & Darknessbot.
  • Will side-pads be included?
    Yes, the pads are current in the process of being produced.
  • What type of charger is packaged? 
    The Sherman comes with a 100.8V/5A charger by default. We will also be offering an upgraded 8A charger, which will be available at the same time the Wheel is released.
  • What type of battery packs are used?
    Veteran have selected to use the tried-and-tested Panasonic GA 3.5Ah 18650 cells, 240x of them, this is twice the capacity of an KS 18XL, MSX 84v!
  • With this enormous 3,200Wh battery pack, what is the real-life one can expect? 
    Assuming a 170lb Rider, cruising at ~20MPH, the typical power consumption on an Electric Unicycle is 25Wh/mile. If these numbers hold up on the Sherman, then this will be the first factory-produced Wheel to break the 100 mile barrier, in fact 128 miles!
  • What are the pedal dimension & clearance to the ground?  
    These pedals are made of a magnesium alloy, with the dimensions of 9.85″ x 5.11″, with an exceptional 6.9″ of ground clearance.
  • Will there be an seat option for long-distance travel? 
    Yes, this is currently being worked on.
  • Are there integrated speakers & lift button? 
    No, the principle design object of the Sherman, like the tank for whom it takes its name, is all about utilitarian performance; dispensing with the common LED array, while the the lift handle would not really serve of much benefit on a 77lb Wheel.
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Additional information

Tire Options

Knobby (K262), Street (K340A)