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NEW: Weped SST, 2x 15KW Peak/3,240Wh Samsung Battery


Next ETA in June

  • Heavy-weight eScooter capable of >70MPH

  • Handbuilt by skilled craftsman in Korea

  • 3,240Wh battery pack, consisting 180x Samsung 21700 50E cells, in a 20s9p configuration, for up to 100 miles of range, at moderate cruising speeds. 

  • One of the highest performing Electric scooters made today

  • BONUS: Order now & receive the upgraded 84v/11A rapid-charger


Technical Specifications

Overview of the Weped SST

Weped GTR vs SST vs SSR Comparison

Crafted by a skilled workforce in Korea, the Weped SST is the pinnacle of eScooter performance, built without comproise, with an unrivalled peak power output of 30KW!   

  • 3,240Wh/45Ah Battery Pack: the Weped SST contains one of the largest battery packs of any sccoter today, >10% larger than the Dualtron X, with the  power needed to drive the propel the SST off the line.        
  • Motors: twin 80A/5KW motors 
  • Controllers: using the latest twin 2x [email protected] 72v controllers, with a combined peak power output rating of 30KW.   
  • Suspension: equipped with a front coil & rear spring shocks,   
  • Ultra-wide 10×4.5″ Tires: premimum high performance tubeless tires 
  • Hydraulic Brakes: fitted with hydraulic Weped brake set, along with regenerative braking from the motors 
Weped SST- Front Right Oblique
Weped SST- Front Right Oblique
Weped SST- Front Left
Weped SST- Rear Right
Weped SST- Top Left Oblique
Weped SST- Front Suspension & Wiring
Weped SST- Feature
Weped SST SSR- Top Oblique Left
Weped SST SSR- Front
Weped SST, Rear
Weped SST SSR- Side
Weped SST SSR- Side Folded
Weped SST Rear-Suspension
Weped SST Front-Wheel
Weped SST Left-Handle
Weped SST Right Handle

How Does It Compare?

Weped SST, SL, GTR Comparison Chart

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What charger are included with the SST?
    Both a stock 1.5A & 11A rapid-charger. The charge interface in an XT60 connector, with a proprietary adapter to the charging port on the scooter.  
  • Is there an App or Dashboard interface?
    No, the design philosophy for the Wepeds is a minimalist/bare uncluttered handlebars. If seeking ride telemetry, the recommendation is to use one of the many speed/distance Apps. 
  • What are the box dimensions & how are these scooters shipped?
    The approximate box dimensions are 54x15x23″ & 140lb (including packaging). We ship by Fedex Ground wrapping in moving blackets to protect the precious contents.  
  • What is the difference between the SSR & SST?
    The two model designations are virtually the same, except for the controllers: the SSR has 2x 5KW controller, while the SST can sustain power output peaks of 2x 15KW, 3x higher! 
  • What are the primary performance characteristics between the Weped models?
    Of the high-performance Weped scooters, the SST sits at the top of the pecking order:
    – SST 3,500 RPM
    – GTR 2,800 RPM
    – FS 72V 2,600 RPM
  • Will you be offering after-market accessories for the SST?
    Yes, we’ll be stocking the front LED garnish array (including battery packs), rear fenders, Magura MT5NE brake kits, tires, rapid-chargers 

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