V5F/V3Pro: 84.2v, 1.5A Standard Charger

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  • This is the standard Charger which is supplied by Inmotion for the V5F, V3Pro, & V3S series Electric Unicycle, fitted with the proprietary USB type connector
  • Specifications are 84.2v & a 1.5 current = 126.3W
  • Has UL,CE, FCC RoHS & nearly all of the standard certifications

Out of stock

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Good quality charger, but is a bit underpowered, especially for higher capacity 480Wh battery packs that will take between 3.5hr-4hr to charge from flat—we will also be offering the 2.5A ‘fast-charger that’s 80% quicker than this model.

Inmotion Electric Unicycles were the first to operate at the 84.2v voltage, whereas most other manufacturers used 67.2v. There’s various benefits & drawbacks to each, but lately the trend is going in the direction of 84.2v. Although Electrical compatible, the V8 is fitted with a different connector, a GX12 4-pin, which we also offer on the parts section of the shopping page.

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