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VSETT 8 921Wh/19.2Ah LG Battery, 600W Motor


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  • Available in the premium LG 921Wh/19.2Ah battery configuration

  • Capable of ~25MPH speeds

  • 33% increase in range/performance over early generation Dart/Swift models¬†

  • Estimated range of VSETT 8 19.2Ah battery pack ~40 miles distance¬†

  • Main features: excellent suspension, low maintenance drum-brakes, NFC security, stem/deck lighting, separate voltmeter, large color dashboard, solid-tires, dual-input charging ports.

Out of stock


Technical Specifications

Vsett Owners Manual, Coming Soon
Vsett 9+ Logo
Dart Swift vs Vsett 8 Feature Comparison, 1
Dart Swift vs Vsett 8 Feature Comparison, 2

How Does the VSETT 8 Compare?

eWheels VSett 9+ Electric Scooter Lineup
Vsett 8 on Dark Background

A Closer Look at the VSETT 8

Vsett 8, Rear Left, Oblique
Vsett 8, Side, Left
Vsett-8, Folded, Oblique Right
Vsett 8, Left Oblique