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VSETT 9+ 910/1,008Wh Battery, 2x 650W Motor(s)


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  • Option 1: Single-motor 52V/17.5Ah, 910Wh battery
  • Option 2: Dual-motor 48V/21Ah, 1,008Wh battery
  • Both scooters capable of high > 26 MPH performance
  • 33% increase in range/performance over early-generation Dart/Swift models
  • The estimated range of the VSETT 9 17.5Ah battery pack is ~38 miles distance or ~45 miles with the 21Ah pack.
  • Main features: excellent suspension, dual-disc brakes, NFC security, deck lighting, separate voltmeter, large color dashboard, stem-to-deck lock, large 8.5×3″ tires, dual-input charging ports.



cruising speed cruising speed 26/32 mph
weight weight 57/62 lbs
charge time charge time 3 hrs to 80% (with 1x optional 5A charger)
max load max load 265 lbs
max load battery capacity 910/1,008WH LG
max load Range 38/45 miles at 18MPH under ideal conditions
Vsett Owners Manual, Coming Soon
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Dart vs Vsett 9+ Comparison, 1
Dart vs Vsett 9+ Comparison, 2

How Does the VSETT 9/9+ Compare?

eWheels VSett 9+ Electric Scooter Lineup

A Closer Look at the VSETT 9/+

Vsett 9+ on Dark Background
Vsett9+, Left Rear
Vsett9+, Left Rear
Vsett9+, Left Rear
Vsett9+, Left Rear
Turbowheel Wheel Tire Options

Tire Upgrade

The Vsett 9/9+ is fittted with an all new 3″ wide tire, 50% wider than on the earlier generation scooters. This wider tire offers a number of ride quality benefits of better stability at speed,  longer service life, & reduced likelihood of punctures, having a larger contact surface area with the road surface.

In short, if you intended to use the scooter exclusively on a paved environment, then go for the street tires. If it’s a mix of paved & off-road terrain, then the hybrid tires will be better suited for your needs.×3-off-road-tire-lightning/