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Just wanted to write a quick initial review as I used these reviewsand other info on the web and YOUTUBE to decide what and where I will purchase my EUC. I bought a 14D from Jason and I love it. Since this is my first EUC I have nothing to compare it to but I am very Happy… I have purchased a 16S as well and thinking about getting a 14S also… 2 things I want to comment on, 1st is I had a small problem with my 14D which I told to Jason, he took care of it for me quickly and all is good. This is extremely important to me as me and electronics don’t get along very well at times… The 2nd thing is I LOVE the 14 size wheel actually more than the 16 for my “most fun to throw around” ride. For those considering the 14 size wheel I must recommend from a personal standpoint to consider getting the “S” with the bigger battery. In hind-sight if I knew I was going to enjoy this as much as I am, and spend most days riding around between an hour and 2, the design of the D model where the speed drops when the battery gets to 50% is kind of Crappy. This actually is even a bit worse now as Jason told me when I ordered the quick charger to only charge my battery to 80% to extend the battery life considerably. Hope this helps… Marc