A newbie with a V8

“You can get it in any color as long as it’s black” and that’s about the only likeness the Inmotion V8 has with my old “T-Ford” wheel. I am a beginner to the electric unicycle and I was very hasty in the purchase of my first wheel: a 14-inch, generation 1 electric unicycle from a local shop. After a few hours of riding I realized that I had outgrown this wheel that caused pain to my shins and had limited potential. A brief but informative “Let’s Talk” with Jason helped me make up my mind to place a pre-order. It took a few days extra to get the shipment since this was the first batch to Europe from the factory but it was very reassuring to get a notification from eWheels once it reached the continent. Delivery to me came four days later. I have to say that the V8 is a dream to ride and very responsive. It gives me no pain to my legs at all and I haven’t even attached the supplied soft-pads. It handles the dirt roads in my training path with ease and the transition to the new wheel was quite a no-brainer. The only down-side I can find is that it is easy to accidentally toggle the power button when grabbing the handle while wearing gloves. OK, so it wouldn’t hurt with a good back light either as the dark season is approaching but I found the front light to be very apt for my dark roads. Summary: top-notch wheel, top-notch dealer!