Absolutely fantastic service

This review is on a GotWay Nikola 84V 1600w, and not the monster, there is no heading for the nikola yet. This review is from a newcomer’s perspective, since I’ve only been riding 4 weeks now. Never had I been on a unicycle electric or otherwise. I purchased couple segway minis for my kids and then decided to get a unicycle. Got the NB s1 and outgrew it pretty quickly for normal riding, not tricks and acrobatics, too old for that.
I researched a lot between king song and gotway and who to buy from. Didn’t want to buy direct from manufacturers or alibaba etc since post sales service is important to me. After a lot of research I contacted Jason at wheels via several emails, asking all the questions that a newcomer has. He always returned my emails very quickly. Since I just couldn’t decide on which wheel I ended up buying the nikola and reserve a ks 16x. Jason always kept me informed of the status of the order and provided tracking details.
Now on to the nikola 84v from a beginners point of view: I am very comfortable on the smaller 14” S1, within 4 weeks I feel very comfortable on the s1 and in control. I received the nikola late last night and since I have zero patience, got on it in my garage just to get a feel for it. It felt as if I had never ridden an euc, couldn’t even go the 20’ in my garage. Went to bed all disheartened. Woke up and got geared up and took the nikola out for a ride, must have slept really well because to my surprise getting on it and moving was easier than the s1, off course I was wobbling all over the place for the first 1mile and then things started clicking and I felt comfortable enough to go as fast as 19mph, doing long slaloms and figure 8s, a little wobbling but that’s on my side not the wheel. By the end of 10 miles I put on it the wheel felt amazing, quiet, responsive, plenty of power, good braking, good acceleration. The wobbles that I experienced couple times were my footing and posture not the wheel. Initial setup via the gotway app on iOS was flawless, (the app sucks but after initial very little setup I use a third party app). All in all I’m very pleased with my choice of wheel and company I bought it from. I can’t compare the wheel to any other similar wheel since I haven’t ridden one, but I love this beast so far.

I couldn’t add a video of my first ride via the button but here is a link to the uploaded YouTube video.