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Addicted to EUC

I debated between an MSX and the KS 18XL for a long time. I finally went for the KS 18XL because all reviews said that it was more nimble than the MSX. That I still don’t know, I have yet to ride an MSX. The downside of the Kingsong is its app; a real pain in the but. This is where I was glad to have bought it from ewheels. Jason and Will, especially Will, came to my rescue and got it figured out. Mind you, it took quite a bit of manipulating. As for the wheel, it seems that I’m a speed junky and the Kingsong steps (10km @ 20kmh, then 200km @ 40kmh) were unnecessarily annoying. Now that its speed is unlocked to 50kmh, this is more like it; I can now comfortably cruise between 45 and 49kmh without the burden of tiltback or the obnoxious beeps. This is a solid wheel and its range is awesome; it seems to go on forever on a single charge. I don’t have to worry about where I’m going; it will take back. This was an important consideration in my decision. All in all, I’m pleased with my purchase; but mostly I’m happy to have bought it from ewheels; I could not have dealt with the KS app on my own.
Cheers, keep on wheeling.