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Best EUC for anyone of any riding level

This is a testimonial/review for KS 18A 1680Wh 1200W Motor (was unable to select above).

LOCATION & WEATHER : I’ve had much experience with this wheel in different locations, mostly in Ithaca NY and Boston MA area. I regularly ride this in mild uphill & downhill, occasionally on very steep hills as well, considering my location. I am so glad my wheel never failed me once in occasions in which I needed extra power. I ride this wheel as my daily commute within my campus, and also had used as a main vehicle to ride around all of the Great Boston area (Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, Allston MA). So yes, the riding range and the power is incredibly satisfying. Also, I’ve ridden my wheel in rain and snow (considering my location), both uphill and downhill in that weather. I tend to go slower and safer in icy floors, but generally ride with so much satisfaction. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A MUD FLAP. I currently don’t have it, and my backpack is currently soaked with mud.

RIDING TIME & A/S: I’ve owned my unicycle for about a year now. After about 6 months, my inner tube broke and I had to ship my wheel all the way back to California which took me about 3 weeks back & forth (bummer) for extra $200 of shipping cost (another bummer). This is a factor who lives far away from the purchasing store should consider. But Jason and Joey (who repaired my wheel) was incredibly nice and prompt in responding to my emails. Additional sad/dumb story was that I didn’t have prior knowledge about the wheel pressure & what the right pressure was. Joey didn’t know that I weigh only 120lbs, and he tested the wheel himself after the repair, so he set the pressure much higher than I was used to, and this completely got me off the balance and it caused some severe crash for my baby… The moral of the story is, ALWAYS CHECK THE TIRE PRESSURE BEFORE YOU RIDE (the tire pressure meter only costs around $6 on Amazon).

RIDING LEVEL: This was my very first and only EUC that I’ve ever tried in my life, and I never regret purchasing this item although it took me a couple of crashes due to my lack of experience. For the beginners who wonder how long it takes to learn riding, it depends on the person but it took me about a week after I first hit the ground to get a full, confident control on the wheel. Many experienced riders who have never tried such tall bodies testify that it feels different from the regular circular shaped wheels. In my personal opinion, just be safe and go for the best — try KS 18 as your first wheel (if you’re okay with letting it get a few scratches, the wheel is super sturdy and it probably won’t break). This wheel will last very long, and if the wheel ever fails me, I’m just going to get the same one– which would be KS 18S for the time being.

– Safe
– Poweful
– Lasts so long (I charge my wheel around every 2 weeks)
– Incredibly fun to ride

– I really want a trolley with the wheel even though I’m short, because then I can always attach my seat. Right now, I’m so lazy I hate having to take the seat on/off everytime I need to use the top handle. (This problem might be solved the next time I send my wheel for customer service, since Joey told me he can install the trolley for me)
– No mud flaps (I should customize this next time as well… This is a must for rainy/snowy instances.)
– Customer service is a bit costly… But I have no comparison with other sellers.

OVERALL: If you want a good ride, and if you can invest for safe & fun ride, go for this