Best Level of Service – Great Client Experience!

Hats off to Jason McNeil of the eWheels Team!! Thank you for your *excellent* customer service Jason. This was my first time purchasing a Electric Kick Scooter, the “Inmotion Lively” and the customer service experience was the best. I was a little skeptical and hesitant at first, I usually don’t order items online sight unseen, but since there was no one in San Francisco who carried the Inmotion Lively, I kinda had no choice. I researched Electric Scooters for a month before deciding on the “Lively”.
The Lively seemed liked the perfect scooter, I loved the price-point ($775.00), a full $125.00 less than my second choice (the Momas e-scooter), better styling, lighter in weigh and way more features. Again, my only hesitation was that there was very little on reviews for the lively, one Authen-tech you tube video….nothing on amazon. The only thing I had to go on was “The Electronic Word of Mouth” that I saw on the eWheels website and how everyone raved about the great level of service from Jason from the eWheels team. Jason McNeil & eWheels team is legit, especially after reading so so many horror stories about great new scooters on Indy-a-go go or Kickstarter only to find out that the great new scooters haven’t came to market yet or never will, with supporters wanting their money back and no response from any of the scooter creative teams. Not so with eWheels and Jason, he was very responsive sending me lots information regarding the scooter and very patient with all my questions and concerns. I would definitely recommend purchasing the Inmotion Lively and even more so, I would recommend going with Jason and eWheels for all your electric mobility needs. SPECIAL NOTE: The dropdown menu for the review section doesn’t list the “InMotion Lively” so I had to choose (InMotion V8) and not sure if it was my phone or Jason’s, but the couple of times we spoke on the phone our connection was bad, I think Jason heard me ok, but I couldn’t get a good clear line so my suggestion would be to call the (305) 432-2788 Miami area code number first to get Jason, then if you have a bad call line you can always use the Chat line to get into details. So please feel completely comfortable using the eWheels website knowing that it is not a rip-off or some fly by nite operation. I believe there is a physical address in South Beach, Miami, Fl and their supply ships from Southern California. I will give a more informed update to my review in a couple of weeks or a month out to give a more detailed review of the scooter itself. Cheers, Rod C. San Francisco/San Mateo, CA