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Best. Wheel. Ever. Must buy from ewheels!

Jason was extremely pleasant to work with it as he had helped me along the way. I received the item well within the expected delivery date and well packaged. I’ve had the KS16s for 2 months now and below are some of my thoughts from someone that’s been riding since 2011. Also my weight is 195 lbs and I ride everyday through rain / snow in NYC averaging about 16 miles per week.

Not much to say other than awesome! It definitely does go over 20 mph but I cannot safely sustain that speed (yet). Also it’s not that good to go that fast as it’s nice to leave the machine some power in-case you hit an unexpected bump.

Coming from a Nintebot E+ this machine is a huge improvement. There is a BIG difference in how both operate under high psi (50+). My Ninebot is very rigid and hard to tilt while the KS16s is still tiltable even when riding at ample speed. I’mt not sure if it’s a bit higher than the Ninebot but so far I haven’t scratched the bottom of the pedals on turns that I used to with the Ninebot.

I can go 2 weeks on a single charge (so that would be around 32+ miles for me with my weight and road conditions). Can’t compare to Ninebot as this has two batteries vs one.

The app was pretty bad when I purchased it. It was a new version and I believe the devs just rushed it out before Chinese New Year. Luckily ewheels posted something on their site to work around that.

One thing I noted was that the KS16s needs about 3-4 seconds from powering on to safely start riding. On the other hand the Ninebot was rideable almost immediately after powering it on.

The telescopic handlebar has been the selling point for me. It’s a bit strange with how it’s diagonal but I got used to it. I used to be scared carrying the wheel with the handlebar down as it kind of feels a bit flimsy… but so far it’s been holding out the abuse of daily city commute (getting on / off the bus and going down / up escalators).

The flashlight is also an added bonus. It’s not that strong but it’s enough to warn others of your whereabouts. It’s also cool that when you decelerate the rear light turns red.