Best wheel from the best source

Learned EUC for the first time on a KS 14D and enjoyed casual riding on Inmotion V8 and GW Mten3 then upgraded directly to the kingSong KS 16x. In short this wheel collects the speed,range,comfort and handling adequate for beginners as well as for advance riders. Get this wheel…you won’t regret it. The pedals are…just butter and the trolley handle very comfortable.
The night lights very safe and beautiful. The 3” tyre eats the ground. I believe this wheel is close to perfection and if you are looking for the best source second to none is eWheels Inc. Mr. Jason McNeil will offer an excellent customer service and answer your emails in most professional way. Jason always had effective technical answers for all my questions and the deliveries were very reasonable.
In short, I’m very satisfied with my purchase and so far the quality of the wheels I purchased from eWheels sustained as told and presented.