Buy from eWheels now or you’ll wish ya did later!!!

Ok, was tooooooo curious about a 14″ wheel so had to get one! And here are my thoughts………….. The Sleek Black 14″ 840 wh unit arrived to my door just 5 days after ordering from via Jason McNeil. BTW, Jason’s customer service is literally “2nd to none”!

The unit arrived in perfect condition with ALL (Lights, BT, App connectivity, etc….) in great working order! My APP settings are as follows: (the below settings, give me the least restrictive experience while not resetting the unit) Level 1 Alarm = 0 kph Level 2 Alarm = 0 kph Level 3 Alarm = 30 kph Rocker Level = 30 kph Running Mode = Play Mode Stability/Agility: First let me state that the 14″ Ultra is stable, solid, an amazingly designed EU, and a BIG SHOUT OUT to Jason for securing these babies and providing us the opportunity to own one ourselves! The Ultra’s added available power/options, upgraded control, extra travel distance on a single charge, and reliability, make this EU VERY hard to beat in the 14″ arena! Speed: Was able to ride up to 20.5 mph per my Android DS Speedometer However, that was max. Can ride ~18 mph without warning beeps or tilt back continuously to include up hills. Tilt (Rocker): With the above stated settings, tilt back was only experienced at ~ 20 mph (but not aggressive). The aggressiveness does, however, increase in direct proportion to increasing speed beyond 19 mph.

Hill Climbing: NOT A PROBLEM for this little dynamo!!!!!!! Off road: Has plenty of power for off road use. I’ve come to discover so many things about the EU in the last year……. I now own 5 of these little critters. YES, I said 5!!! All my wheels purchased from 4 different sources! Absolutely, my experience with Jason at eWheels, was the most customer service oriented! Believe me……. this is one AMAZING and GREEN mode of transportation and I highly recommend eWheels for a dependable product coupled with great service! Get yours today!!!