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ewheels saved me!

I ordered my first Inmotion V3Pro off of ebay (not here), in preparation for a vacation I was planning 2 months out. Shipping through UPS took 2 weeks, and when it arrived it was pushed late 4 days in row in delay at my local UPS office, then went “under investigation”. It has now been almost 6 weeks and is still “under investigation. Fortunately, the ebay seller sent me another on after the first 3 weeks, that took about 9 more days to arrive. That one arrived with a bad battery! Again, fortunately, the seller paid for return shipping and refunded my money (eventually). However that was a lot of time spent on this with one retailer. You can imagine dozens of emails, the seller shipping me a different color than I requested, not knowing why the thing was broken, spending hours just trying to figure out what was going on.

So, after more than a month I wasn’t sure what to do. After Jason responded to my plea for help on a EUC forum with my battery issues I was having, I checked out his retail page. The next day he happened to be online on his website and we chatted about my purchase options. While I was on my daily train commute, on my cell phone, I had all my questions answered and was confident to place my order. My unit arrived FedEx in about 5 days and is working great, with 2 weeks left now until my family vacation!

As far as the unit I purchased, it is easier to ride than expected and I am already thinking about an upgrade. Still very happy with the unit, seems like a good intro device. If I had any experience with these before getting this (my neighbor across the street has had a ninebot for 9 months, but we could never work out a time for me to try it) , I would have gotten a larger single wheel. After about an hour I found it easy to control (for the most part!) . Of course I will be purchasing from ewheels if/when I decide to upgrade!

Thanks Jason!