Excellent purchase experience (KingSong KS16 840Wh)

I ordered black KingSong 840Wh/800W as an upgrade to my Ninebot E+ from Jason. The order shipped the same day and I received it 2 days later since I live in California and the wheel shipped from Los Angeles. Couldn’t be happier with the speed of order processing and shipment ! After you order, you get an informational message about the particular model you ordered with useful information to get you ready. This is really a nice touch and is sent in addition to the order receipt. When I received the order, the wheel was in perfect condition and actually looked better in real life than in pictures. I’ve had a chance to ride it a few times now and I say it’s really good upgrade path for Ninebot E+ owner, especially with regards to the range which from my initial experience looks to be about 3 times the range. I will be writing a more thorough comparison later that I will post to the forum.electricunicycle.org with the pros and cons of this model. This is a great site to buy EUC with complete confidence that you will get the service and support when you need it (and you will). Jason answered all my questions pre and post purchase and he is very reputable among the EUC community. I’m 100% satisfied with the purchase that I have no trouble recommending this site to people I meet who are also looking to buy electric unicycle. Do not buy from random sources on the Internet where you won’t get warranty or support. eWheels will definitely have my repeat business in the future when I decide to upgrade again 🙂