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Excellent Service, Awesome Wheel

The detailed product pages here on eWheels were extremely helpful in my search for an EUC. They have the data, specs, and videos that I needed to make an informed decision. Although it was my first wheel, I ultimately decided on the Inmotion V5F+ due to the combination of power and form factor. I put my order in on a Saturday and got the wheel on the following Wednesday (quicker than expected!). I also received an email from Jason McNeil giving me specific advice about the V5F+ software setup, general tips about getting started with an EUC, and links to helpful resources. eWheels also packed in the handle and rear flap as a bonus, both of which have turned out to be essential additions. Needless to say, after dedicating a weekend to mastering the basics I am a very happy camper! I now use my wheel to commute to work (~5 miles each way) as well as on my lunch break. The V5F+ has excellent battery life, great acceleration and looks cool as hell. The headlight is sufficiently bright and useful. The pedals seem a bit on the small side (my feet are US size 12) and took some getting used to, but feeling comfortable with it now. Cruising down the bike trail at 24 km/h on the V5F+ is a unique feeling, a taste of a future I have longed for since my teen years. Thrilled to join the EUC community!