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fact from fiction

There are a lot of websites selling inferior low quality very dangerous electric unicycles and the ignorant consumer is there target
My suggestion is save, save, save until you have enough to get a good one, with this products you get what you pay for its that simple
A sudden shutdown is something that even an experience rider can’t recover from even at slow speeds
for no reason throw money at cheap knockoffs is not worth it and they can lend you in the hospital with serious injuries
If you are out there trying to get a wheel (lean to distinguish a toy electric unicycle, from a real and save electric unicycle)
don’t put your self or children in danger, crappy batteries, over heating circuit boards are things to seriously consider
With that said, do your own research stay informed ask questions buy the the newest products, these things are evolving as fast as cell phones
in the past few months I have had the opportunity to purchase 2 awesome wheels from Jason a kingsong 18 and 16 these are great quality products indeed, for adults 800 watt motor or higher and the biggest battery you can get is what you want you don’t want a motor that is straining or a battery that you have to be charging all the time.
This is learn2ride at youtube be save teach those who want to learn