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First EUC – V5F+

I was at Black Rock City this August and saw two people riding the most remarkable things, electric unicycles. I had never seen them before, and at BRC there are a lot of amazing things that people ride, both motorized and non-motorized. When I got home to the default world I knew that I wanted one so I started looking into EUC’s and after a lot of research I settled on the V5F+ for a couple of reasons. I fly a small airplane and have been carrying a Dahon folding bicycle in order to get into town from the small airports that I fly into. The bicycle weighs 32lb and is large and bulky even when folded. At 28 lbs the V5F+ saves 4 lbs (weight in a small airplane is always a concern) and its size and shape make it super easy to stow behind the seat. I chose the V5F+ because of size, weight and the longer range of the V5F+, as well as the excellent reviews of the service at I ordered my wheel from ewheels on a Monday and it arrived Thursday, great service from ewheels! I’ve had the wheel for a month and a half and have about 60 miles racked up on it so far, I was hoping to have more miles on it by now but we’ve just had the wetest October in Oregon history which put a bit of a damper on riding. Riding it around has attracted a lot of positive attention and I get comments, questions and amazed looks everywhere I go. The build quality of this wheel is excellent and it has come through my learning process mostly unscathed even after falling off of it many times. I totally recommend this wheel and the excellent service from