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Fun, but takes practice.

I have had my V3 for about 3 months now. I am having a lot of fun with it, but it has not been as easy to learn to ride as the youtube videos of all these young millennials make it look like it is. First off, Jason at eWheels is great to deal with. He is always very responsive to questions. Secondly, if you are a middle aged plus person like me, expect to take a little longer to master this thing than a few hours… unless of course you grew up skateboarding or roller blading and have a really good sense of balance. Thirdly, because the V3 has 2 wheels it is fairly stable going in a straight line, but it is a little more challenging to make sharper turns, and also more challenging to go across an inclined surface since the only way to keep both wheels in contact with the ground going across and incline (not up or down but across) is to have the v3 leaning perpendicular to the pavement, but when you are going across an incline that means that you are leaning with the hill grade which can then make you lose your balance. I have watched folks on the one wheelers go across an incline much easier since they can remain upright since only one wheel is in contact with the pavement and it can thus counter the incline and still remain fully engaged to the ground. That being said, I am glad I started out with the v3, but I think I am going to be transitioning to a single wheel model very soon.