Fun for old farts

At the outset, let me state my age, I’m 72, not particularly fit and had no prior unicycle experience before getting my Glide 3 (same wheel as Inmotion V8) a couple of months ago. Dealing with the usual age related physical decline, not getting out much and bored. At this age I have time on my hands and no balance issues, it was time for some mischief. I recall seeing an EUC in New York a few years back, and encouraged by the many U-tube videos, decided to take the plunge and get the Glide 3, it was the wheel best suited for me. Things I particularly like about this wheel are ground clearance, adequate speed (for me), power and lightweight(‘ish) with sufficient range (I’m not interested in standing on this for much more than an hour at a time).

Learning to ride was a bit harder than expected, but enjoyable, with no injuries. Particularly for an old fart it’s a bit intimidating, I would not ride without protection. Riding demands constant attention to balance and conditions, but the wheel can be rapidly slowed in the presence of a hazard so you can jump off if without harm. I practiced almost daily for the first month or so and now have more than 220 miles on the wheel.

The high side pads are great, they give good leverage and stability. I now appreciate that this is a big advantage over say the 14 inch wheel I almost chose. The power is adequate, able to climb the steepest grades I can find; and the range is fine for me. So I’m very pleased, thoroughly enjoying the experience of riding this wheel – and getting a lot of attention as it’s novel round here.

Hope this advice is of some help to other seniors. I did not find advice like it when it would have been of value to me.