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Gotway ACM s+ 1600wh

Before I get to the wheel, a few words about This is my second purchase through and I am very satisfied with the level of service provided by this company. For this particular purchase, there have been a few stumbling blocks outside of this company’s control but always kept me informed about what was happening. This company has shown to be dedicated to going those few extra steps to ensure customer service.

That being said, the wheel I purchased was the Gotway ACM s+ 1600wh, and provided along with it were the fast charger and trolley handle. The trolley handle is, frankly, not great. To install it involves drilling into the wheel at multiple points and you have to supply your own screws. Instead I ended up using a generic trolley handle that you can get for many electric unicyles on ebay attached by drilling only two holes and securing with zip ties. The app supplied by Gotway for the ACM is unpolished crap. The wheel itself is a squat, fat, heavy little piggy. I love it.

Power, speed, battery life. Those are the chief reasons for owning and loving this wheel. The power this wheel has at its command is confidence-inspiring. You know you can tackle some pretty rough terrain and hills with it, at least in short bursts because you don’t want to overheat the components. I’ve yet to approach the upper limits in terms of speed because I’m a conservative rider, but it’s nice to know it’s there if I need it. And the battery life is what I really love. The 1600wh capacity makes range anxiety a thing of the past; you will tire out before your wheel does.

A few other thoughts. The pedals are great — grippy and large enough to accommodate my size 11 feet. The headlight does a sufficient job at illuminating the path ahead, but I wish there was an ambient light sensor to automatically turn on the headlight under dim/nighttime conditions. There are no side panel LEDs to wow observers; that could be good or bad depending on your tastes.

In the end I think the ACM makes for a great choice as a primary wheel. I think the 16″ wheels fill this role best, having decent smoothness/stability as well as being fairly agile. It does lack refinement in some areas, but the power, speed, and battery life more than make up for those deficiencies in my opinion.