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GotWay MSuper V3s+

Jason was very helpful in helping me choose between the options I had selected as viable for what I was looking for. I got the wheel after it was re-flashed to correct the issues that this model had in the past, and for the last three weeks have been spending what free time I have (about 15 minutes a day, 2 hours a day for the last couple days) learning to ride it.

If you are a light weight person like me (140 pounds), be aware that the MSuper V3s+, at 50 pounds and with such a powerful motor, can be challenging to control at first, so a leash on it is highly recommended. I wish I had taken the advice to use one from the beginning, because I scratched and messed it up pretty bad before I started using one. Also be aware that the trolley handle for this particular wheel is not shaped to your hand. It is shaped to maintain the curve of the wheel’s body, which makes it something less than comfortable to use for long periods of time.

But the wheel… wow. It’s been a blast to learn to ride, and if you push yourself a little further each day, you’ll quickly get to the point that you can pretty much do anything. I rode 16 miles yesterday and the day before that also, and I can now use it to replace my car if I want or need to. It’s not all roses and cherry pie learning to ride it. There are times when it’s tiring, when you will have to train previously unused muscles, and learning to balance a new way takes a little time. I haven’t had this much exercise in a while. But every time I come back from practice, I have a smile on my face, because I always have a great time. And the feeling of riding it when you get to that point where you can use it comfortably? Priceless. It’s like the thing eventually reads your mind, and you just desire to do something and it happens. Left, right, slow down, speed up – it just happens. There is a feeling of joy at the freedom this gives that I have not experienced in a long time. You have to experience it for yourself to really understand.

Sure, there are still things I need to work on. Free mounting is a skill that takes time, one I have not yet mastered. But each day I pull it out, I do so looking forward to riding it in spite of the challenges, because it is such a blast to experience the freedom it gives. And making that progress, and doing what you could not do just yesterday, is an awesome feeling of accomplishment all on its own!

I have the 1600 Wh battery on mine. I thought I read that I could expect 40 miles from a charge. So far, in real life what-I-bought-it-for usage, I get about 8 miles for each 10% of the battery charge I use. That means that, if I were to charge it up fully and then drain it all out, I would get right around 80 miles of range. Realistically, I typically charge it to 80% and discharge it to no more than 20% to maintain maximum battery life span, giving me an effective range per charge of 48 miles. But I could theoretically get 80 out of it if I really wanted to. So range is very dependent on rider weight, riding style, riding conditions, speed, etc. You will have to get to know your wheel and learn its range for you personally.

Finally, the fast charger is awesome. Great job on that, Jason! I’ll be ordering at least a couple more wheels in the not too distant future!