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Great purchase experience, fast shipping

What a beastly wheel. Youtube videos don’t really convey the size and especially the weight of these wheels. I was leaning towards the Gotway Tesla but am glad I went with this. I haven’t even come close to full speed on this thing and don’t really have a desire to go too much faster.

It is a beefy, well built wheel. No buyer’s remorse yet, Only downside is bruised calves but that is a right of passage of euc newbies. Also laid the wheel down and scratched it within the first hour but that comes with the territory.

The ordering process was quick and painless. I ordered late in the evening on Monday and was riding around on it by Wednesday. Packaging was good and it came with a couple freebees (bumper pads and wrist guards, much appreciated). Buy some 3M double sided tape though since the included tape with the bumpers isn’t very good. Would purchase from Jason again.