Great Purchase Experience

I purchased my first EUC in September this year from Jason at eWheels. The purchase experience could not have been better, the Wheel arrived promptly as ordered in perfect condition, and Jason sent some very helpful emails with all the information that I needed to get up and running right away.

I spent a few hours over the course of three days in a large parking garage where I could lean against the walls and pillars to get my confidence up on the Wheel and was cruising around the parking garage unassisted (although a little shaky) on the third day, probably put in about four to five hours of work over the course of the three days to feel fairly confident in cruising around the parking garage.

I have had the wheel a little over three weeks now and have logged about 160 miles on mostly wide bike paths and neighborhood roads. I could not be happier with my purchase experience and the King Song 16S model – – it has the power to handle my 6’2″ 225# frame with no problem. I have ridden up a two mile 6 – 7% grade hill near my home and the wheel has no problem lugging me right up to the top. I am also amazed how much battery regeneration occurs with this wheel when I go down long hills. I recouped close to 20% battery charge riding the wheel down a two mile hill, very impressive.

I am having enough fun that I am starting to look at a second wheel option and when I figure out what I want for my second Wheel I will be purchasing it from Jason and eWheels for sure!