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Having all the fun I expected to have with my KS14D

So my first exposure to the EUC was as I walked out of a hotel just before Thanksgiving 2017 in Paris. I had my head in my phone, it was dark, the commuter walk behind my hotel was crowded with commuters scurrying for their trains to get home and suddenly I look up and there is a guy flying by me on something that has cool LED’s. By the time I focused on him he was long gone in the crowd. So I camped outside the subway station and sure enough 10 minutes later another guy walked up the stairs, puts down his foot pegs and goes zooming by me. I was ready with my camera and went off to dinner to research my christmas present to myself. I started doing research and I came across e-wheels, I have to admit I was skeptical at first and was hesitant to hit enter on the order for my KS14D. I was totally wrong, ewheels has been great, Jason is super responsive and before I knew it my wheel arrived. Unfortunately winter in Cincinnati has proven difficult to practice but I got out 3-4 times in my pool parking lot (fence and light posts help starting out). On the 4th time out I was going up and down the street in front of my house and around the sidewalks. I’ve expanded my trips and have even started on some hills. When the weather breaks I will update my review. That said my teenage son’s buddy was a unicycle rider and they have been getting more use out of the wheel then me. They are exploring all the features and taking it on longer trips. We did just have a flat tire – Jason explained via email that we probably had the tire uninflated for the weight of the rider – he suggested 45 psi. Jason is shipping us two tubes and there is a great video on the site on how to swap out the tube. We should be back in business by next weekend.