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I bought the larger KingSong pedal. I still suck, but I do it in comfort.

I’m reviewing the new, larger KingSong pedals. I purchased my ks16s from another supplier. The motherboard had a malfunction a month after I purchased it and the supplier and manufacturer worked with me to get a new motherboard without me having to pay for anything but shipping.

So; I suck. In my defense, I lost two to three months to the motherboard issue. It took me a month to learn to stand upright on my ks16s. I still can’t balance side-to-side. I ultimately mimicked SoloWheel’s brush-training-wheel idea.

By drilling through the original pedals into my modded industrial brushes, I was able to balance left-to-right and learn to stand on the machine. Even with that aid, my feet grew so TIRED!!!!!!!! My feet became super fatigued. I just tried my wheel with the new pedals and I can tell, my feet won’t get tired.

I have size nine feet, which are pretty small for a guy that is 6’2″, but, even with small feet, they would cramp up or just become exhausted after five minutes of practice. These new pedals are a DREAM!!!!!!!!!