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If you like Segways… I highly recommend this!!!!!!!

So I will start by saying that I love to ride Segways… And the inmotion V5+ is the best of the Segway in a compact form. I am absolutely in love!

When I first got it…
It was very shiny and new and extremely difficult to stand on. But I was so excited!!!!! I would get on and fall off… and repeat! Balancing is tricky at first… it is onewheel… so think unicycle… .not all of you guys out there will be cut out for this… but those who can DO!!!!! And you will love it!

After about 20 mins…I could totally balance and ride… and I was zipping around.
Now keep in mind it was no longer shiny and new and I had already beat it up quite a bit…. I highly recommend putting on the protective covers in the beginning when learning… you can always take it off after….the protective cover itself dulls the shiny look, that’s why I would put it on for learning purposes and take it off later.

Now when practicing I would stand on the ewheel next to a wall or something I could hold as I scooted along… after awhile I didn’t need to hold onto anything and found I could balance as long as I kept moving forward, but go slow!!!!!!!

It’s now one week later….
I love this thing… I get so many stares… but I love the floating feeling… zipping along… it’s really great. I have not tested the range yet… but the wheel itself feels very powerful and sturdy. I am planning a trip to Miami in July and will be taking my wheel with me… and I will update this post after that trip and let you all know how the eWheel held up. But so far I love it!…. Oh and optional the handle is a definite must have! Trust me you don’t want to have to carry this thing… first it’s heavy and now you kinda look stupid purchasing the most expensive barbell ever!

One last thing about Jason at….
Jason you were terrific and provided great customer support… I want you to know this… when someone like me buys something like this… we want you… no we need you to reach out and make that contact, to make us feel like there is someone to call if we need to… even just giving us an update on how long it will take for the ewheels to arrive… it just feels good like you all know what your doing… and you sir did that in a very fine manner. So for anyone who is hesitating because of a possible lack of support… fear no longer!

Alright fellow ewheelers… I will be back in a few months with a update.