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InMotion InCredible InDeed !!

I am very happy that I ultimately went for the Inmotion electric scooter. I was split between this and the EcoReco M5 but went for this as I wanted bigger wheels. My previous experience with 5 inchers on a Swagger was a bit too “jerky” for my liking. But I’m getting ahead of myself here. I received the product today but thanks to its awesome packaging, it made its way to me all the way from California to Nova Scotia in perfect condition. Soon after topping its batteries and the tire pressure, I took it for a ride around my area and boy, it was something more than I expected. It glided over the roads and the cracks on the pavement like it was nothing. Butter smooth. It was doing 25kmph with the bulk of my 95kgs without breaking a sweat. I rode all of 5 kms today at top speed and it still shows full charge. All that proves the product quality is top-notch. However, a product needs to be backed by a great service to really leave an impression and that is where Jason comes in. If there was one guy I would buy from again, it would be him. Right from the word go, he helped me out with any queries I had promtly. I initially wanted a “Lively” but had failed to notice that it was on backorder when I had made the payment. On reaching out, Jason refunded my order on the spot and I ended up buying the L6. I am confident that I will have a fantastic time riding around town with my rocking scooter knowing that it is backed by the amazing support that Jason provides. Thanks again. 🙂