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I bought the V5f as a replacement for a ninebot one A1 that I purchased off ebay. I had to return the ebay wheel because the power charger went bad. What could I do? I was addicted to riding this Electric Unicycle and all of a sudden I had to stop? Nothing doing. I looked online and found eWheels and Jason in almost every good review of a unicycle. So I ordered the V5F as a replacement for the segway. I was blown away from out of the box. The unit looks great! Sleek and inviting sprung to mind as well as stylish and the padded sleeve that was shipped with it has worked to keep the unit relatively scratchless. I sprung for the trolly handle, which is an impressively light metal, and the fast charger. They are both very well worth the value in usefulness and convenience.
The trolly handle allows me to easily bring the V5f into stores, banks, wherever I have gone. It is sturdy and folds up and down quickly and easily. They said ‘seconds’ in the description of the trolly handle engagement and that is very accurate. Maybe 2 tops. I have a giant park with river trails and horse trails between my home and my work. Not exactly between my home and my work, but the V5f makes detouring towards these areas so tempting, that they might as well be because I love and this this machine loves powering through these areas. It is much more stable in sand under a half inch than the king Song 14-b and much more than the Segway ninebot one a1. The V5f seems undaunted by dirt trails with gravel and braches of limited size in the way. I ride it in the bike lanes in Los Angeles and its so small, that sidewalk travels can be used with respect to the pedestrians(poor lot). I am 150lbs and it has taken me 18 miles, mixed terrain with 34% power level remaining. Its like a Jaguar in feel of ride and acceleration. Goes 15.6 mph and I wish it went 18 mph so hopefully it will be unlocked. It is a stable traveling Unicycle.