Just what I needed

I came across these EUC things on YouTube about a year ago and couldn’t get them out of my mind. Finally bought one in Nov. 2017; KingSong 16s. Definitely nervous about such a
large $ purchase on something that might prove to be nothing more than a novelty (or a complete disaster). I went for it anyway. I needed something to get me out of the house, that didn’t’ require me to go someplace else to use it, give me a sense of of adventure, exhilaration and dare I say put a smile on my face. The KingSong 16s has exceeded my expectations. I’ve also enjoyed the learning curve – a sense of genuine accomplishment in the real world where tactile and physical forces are the name of the game. There’s nothing like spending the 1st several hours doing nothing but crashing every few feet to wobbling along for a few yards, then finally being able to cautiously make it down the street. I’ve since logged over 100 miles and now I’m feeling like a super hero flying around town, up and down hills, on and off of sidewalks, and taking sharper and sharper turns with ease and precision. Recently I joked with Jason at eWheels that they should consider starting an EUC Anonymous group to begin addressing the addictiveness of these machines. Seriously, riding around and improving my skills is all I want to do anymore. So, about the KingSong 16s; fast, has great acceleration, nimble, durable, cool features, and has an overall sense of quality about it. The 16s is not a toy, it’s a serious machine for folks that are interested in getting out of the norm and experiencing the cutting edge of fun! Customer service has been excellent via Jason at eWheels. I will be buying my next EUC from eWheels – no doubt.