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KS 14C Tops the OneWheel and Boostedboard for Me

I recently purchase the KS 14C from and I wanted to share my experience with others who might be debating about which EUC to purchase.

The last couple of years I’ve been trying out a variety of electric vehicles for recreation and transport including a Boosted Board, OneWheel, Segway mini pro, and a Metroboard. All have been fun, but I have sold them all off except for the Onewheel. I liked the Boostedboard, but I wasn’t into to small wheel size and having to use a remote. I did not like controlling the Mini Pro with my knees…it did not feel natural. I liked the OneWheel’s ability to go off road, but the 6 mile range was limiting and prevented me from using it as a commuter vehicle.

I decided to try out an electric unicycle and went with the KS 14C. I purchased the 840wh/800W Motor. I felt that my experience with the OneWheel helped me pick up the KS 14 pretty quickly. It took me a couple of days to feel comfortable, but after that, I really enjoyed this wheel. Compared to the Onewheel, I felt the the 14C was easier to dismount. The OneWheel has a sensor on the foot plate that can be tricky. The 14C allows for easy mounting and dismounting without a problem. The 14” wheel took the grass and bumps a little easier than the 10” OneWheel tire. The range is another thing that really separates the 14C from the other vehicles I have tried. Running out of battery is not a fear on the 14C. The fast charger from Jason at eWheels makes the charging experience very convenient as well. I’m not saying the Onewheel or any of the other rideables are bad at all, but I find the KS 14C suits my needs a lot better. I like the 14C so much, I’ve decided to sell my OneWheel and buy a KS 18. I just want to say that Jason at eWheels gave me the best customer service. He answered all of my questions and answered many of my emails after hours and even on the weekends. The whole experience was great and I highly recommend a KS from