KS16s replaced my Gotway ACM

After owning an Inmotion V8, Gotway ACM, Msuper v3, and KS14c, I decided to purchase the KS16s and KS18s. After hearing about some Gotway quality/safety issues, I went with Kingsong. My children ride my wheels and needed something that I felt was safer.

I really love this wheel! Nice torque and plenty of power and speed for my needs. I love the round shape and well thought out trolley handle. I’m 6’3″ and the trolley works well and is at a good height. The 16″ wheel is my favorite sized wheel and the 16s didn’t let me down. I have size 12 shoe and the foot plates are a good size. All around great wheel! Well worth it. Jason at ewheels is the greatest. I will be buying more wheels from him.