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Learning Strategy

I’m a sailboat cruiser. We have a 38′ Beneteau that we enjoying cruising in New England in the summer. We use folding bikes as ‘port runners’ that we move ashore by dinghy when we anchor out off a destination port. Last summer we encountered our first e-wheel rider and were very impressed with his speed, talent, distance and effortless control. He was a small plane pilot who put his EUC behind his seat to use to get around after landing. We talked a while, and became convinced of the utility of the machine for port running. So for Christmas we got an Inmotion V-3 Pro as a trial wheel. We have 5 young adult kids that we wanted to enjoy the wheel during their short visit, without putting everyone on a near lethal learning curve. Everyone, including my 61 year old self, my slightly younger wife (tact is the essence of self preservation) daughter and 4 sons were up and riding the V-3 within 10 minutes of initial effort. The V-3 Pro is a great beginner wheel, that delivered the promised speed, range and climbing capability. There is nothing ‘beginner’ about its performance, but the tandem wheels make it much more stable and give the rider confidence and enable a far shorter learning curve. So, impressed by the V-3 Pro, I scouted for my next wheel on the internet. Again choosing e-Wheels for great shipping response time I back ordered a KS-16 S. It shipped sooner than expected. Out of the box, the question was “how long will it take to learn to ride a single wheel?” I was up and rolling after my third attempt to mount the wheel and was able to use what I learned with the V-3 Pro to quickly master the KS-16. The KS-16 is a superb wheel and in just a week I’m all over single track mountain bike trails. More importantly, my wife is quickly mastering the V-3 Pro on trails and will soon be ready for a more aggressive and powerful wheel. So the strategy worked–V-3 to KS-16 with lots of fun, minimal falls, ego mostly intact and wife enthused about wheeling around ports this summer.