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Most fun I’ve had since I got my first bike at age 6.

Okay, its under $500 and it will take a 150 lb rider 9 miles at just over 15 mph. Too good to be true? Not yet, it also can swap out a battery as easy as stopping, hitting a battery release button, and swapping out a new battery by pulling up and sliding down. Wait, Jetblue and the TSA also just let me travel with the battery and unicycle through Boston Logan airport. The unicycle was checked baggage, and the battery was in my carry on. They didnt even batt an eye as it is under the 160 wh limit and it was in a nonstatic plastic bag used to ship motherboards. This was also during Marathon, Patriot day weekend. Jason advised me to ship it out, which I did, and I asked the TSA in the airport about traveling with the battery. They said as long as it was properly stored away from the unit or (assisted motorized travel device) it was fine. He reminded me that people with assisted wheelchairs need to travel too. So it made it back with me on the plane as designed!
If that was all it did, it would be remarkable, but it is as nimble and quick as my inmotion v5f. The first day I got it, I took it to hollywood to see a friend’s band play at a club. It made the 8.5 mile round trip journey without a hitch. I was dressed up nicely and didnt sweat a bead making it to the show. Storing it under the table was easy, but I think a lock would be fine for this too. Driving down the street at night is a blast since this thing has a really great headlight and brake light. Good tip is to turn the light on manually in the app and not let it do the night time light sensor, since headlights from oncoming cars will turn off the headlight temporarily. Also this Kingsong is very stable at low speeds in pedestrian traffic. I used it in Boston during Marathon weekend following my friends who were walking their dog along crouded Tremont blvd. this Kingsong is very stable creeping along at 1.5mph and since I was following a Silver Lab dog, people’s attentions were split between the two of us.
The only problem with this machine is the Kingsong App itself. It is clunky at best and feels straight out of a 90’s video game interface. Use the other app for riding pleasure and just use the Kingsong app to remove the speed limiter until they have reworked it. Some have remarked that the Kingsong is the Cadillac Cimmaron of the Unicycles, but I would call it a cross between a Cimmaron and an AMC Eagle. Its durable and plastic and stylish at the same time. Its so cute and helpful! The pedals can be a bit slippery when wet, but it is easy to reposition your feet while riding should that offroading jostle your positioning a little. I have an extra battery on the way, and plan on lending this one to a friend so he can join me on rides in the park and along the river. The kingsong has 3 modes for learning, practice, and cruising, so it is easy to learn should one be in that category.
I cant wait to call Jason and tell him how happy I am with this wheel! I mean completely satisfied.