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MSuper V3s — A Powerhouse!

High performance electric unicycles are at the cutting edge of personal transportation. It was only 3 months ago that I even became aware that these things existed!
However, after binging on YouTube videos displaying the awesome capabilities of these one-wheeled wonders, I knew I had to try it for myself.
I wanted a wheel with a powerful motor, high battery capacity, and larger wheel diameter (for stability).
A wheel with a more powerful motor is not only faster. The self-balancing function of the wheel depends on the motor’s ability to accelerate, keeping the wheel underneath you. When the motor can no longer keep up, the result is a short trip to the pavement.
Plus, I’m a self-diagnosed adrenaline junkie, I want a FAST wheel!

Weighing all these factors, it came down to a choice between the KingSong KS18 or the Gotway MSuper v3S.
The tiebreaker for me was aesthetic, I liked the more compact shell of the MSuper versus the taller KS18.
I’ve had the MSuper now for about 3 weeks and it has been a blast learning and improving and testing the limits of this awesome machine.

Learning to mount the wheel and keep balance took me 3 practice sessions of about an hour each.
I highly recommend using a strap tied around the handle while starting, as you will have to jump off the wheel frequently when you lose balance, a strap will prevent damage to the shell and any nearby objects (parked cars etc.)
Practice on pavement, an empty parking lot or garage is ideal. You need space to move around and get a feel for the balance.
Don’t get discouraged if it seems impossible at first, keep practising and eventually it will “click”.

The MSuper is as powerful as advertised.
It accelerates and reaches near top speed surprisingly fast.
I took it to a nearby park to ride some nature trails and the MSuper surpassed my expectations.
It just chewed through the terrain — dirt, grass, wet sand, even gravel!
Rider skill comes into play here, maintaining balance when the ground is uneven is still difficult at first.
As my skill improves I look forward to taking on more challenging trails, and I know this wheel has the power to do it.

My only complaint is that the padding on the sides of the wheel is too thick.
Jason suggested removing them and replacing the original pads with thinner padding from a roll that he supplied with the wheel, which I did.
It made a huge difference, my feet fit better on the pedals my legs have closer contact with the body of the wheel.

I sprung for the deluxe fast charger and I’m glad that I did.
The fast charger has an automatic cutoff when the battery reaches a certain percentage (80/90/100, selectable with a dial).
This prevents overcharging which can damage the batteries and reduce their lifespan.
The battery packs in the MSuper are very large and account for a significant portion of the cost of the wheel, so maintaining their lifespan is in every owner’s interest.

Customer service has been phenomenal, all my questions were promptly answered by the very knowledgeable team at EWheels.
It’s especially important when you’re dealing with expensive machines that are made in China.
Having support from someone here in the states who can deal with the manufacturer directly is critical, and a huge reason why I purchased from EWheels.

Overall, I’m super happy with my MSuper. EUC riding is really addictive hobby. I highly recommend EWheels if you’re looking try the Unicycle Lifestyle!