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N00b approved

Wheel reviewed is actually the KS-18L. I picked this wheel up after watching many Youtube videos, and finding that my Boosted board just didn’t have enough range for my liking. This is my first EUC, and the only one I’ve ever ridden, so I really have no basis for comparison. Learning to ride went pretty much as expected, and once I picked it up, I am able to ride comfortably for 10 miles or more at a time. I expect that the upgraded, larger pedals that I just installed will be even better, but it will be several months before I can get out again due to the cold, snowy weather around here.

I chose the KS-18L for King Song’s better reputation on build quality, and in the 300 miles or so I’ve ridden so far, I have no complaints. Everything just works as it should. I am satisfied with the wheel’s performance, range, and handling. I thought a bigger, heavier wheel might be problematic to learn on, but that has not been the case for me. Having said that, I do plan to pick up something in the 14″ range (or maybe 10″ if I go with an MTen3) for hijinks, shenanigans, and general tomfoolery, and for scenarios where I don’t need the bigger, longer range 18L.

When I do buy my next wheel, it will no doubt be coming from eWheels, and I recommend eWheels to anybody who asks me about my wheel.