NYC Gotway MSuper V3s+

First and foremost – hats offf to Jason and ewheels for amazing customer service. I don’t come across many companies that offer the level of service and attention that he does. After discussing my needs with Jason, I upgraded to the Gotway MSuper V3s+ In the black matte color. I’m glad I did. If you are looking for more stability, speed and power- this is an amazing wheel. NYC streets can be a rough ride – this wheel allows you to ride them with performance and confidence. Exceptional pedals. If you are a skier like myself, the wider ride replicates the feeling of skiing and so I prefer that. If you are an iPhone user, note there is no official gotway app for this wheel (it got pulled from iTunes). Before riding this wheel, make sure to locate someone’s android (download the gotway app) and change the “child proof” settings to your liking. Personally speaking, I removed the tilt back and alarm settings. This wheel is a beast!