Pulled the trigger, glad I did!

When you read the boards, there’s a reason Jason gets so much positive press. Because he delivers on all accounts: answering pre-sale questions, amazing transaction turnaround time, post-sale questions included as well! I had been lurking many, many sites, and watched countless hours of videos, wanting to get a wheel. Unfortunately, at 210 lbs, a lightly powered wheel just wasn’t gonna cut it. The Tesla brand, while enticing for the all out performance, just doesn’t carry the same reliability numbers as King Song does. Jason took a couple of chat sessions with me to guide me toward a couple of choices, before I ended up on the 16S. It hasn’t disappointed.

I had tried a known re-seller of Gotway on the giant China mall website, but experienced some difficulties in meeting the whole sales experience. Also, with Jason here in the States, I feel even that much better about possible after-sales requirements (knock on wood, just normal wear and tear).

The wheel is amazing. I was up and riding within 20 minutes. Not without some scratches, but that is part of the learning process, and with the 1200W motor and King Song reliability, I felt very confident that the problems I encountered on getting my wheel-legs were going to be mine, not the wheel’s. I’ve only got about 18 miles under my feet (on the first charge, down to about 45 percent from full charge), but am looking forward to working on all my skills, and enjoying some longer rides when the weather (and time) permits. (and eventually unlocking the top speed, because 16 mph feels pretty fast now, but it’s nice to know the 22 mph top end awaits, c’mon King Song, I’m sure this wheel is good for 25 mph, but hey, I’ll take the safety factor!)