KS16 Review from a Wheel Enthusiast

From the moment I stepped on the Kingsong 16 for the first time and rode less than 10 feet, I could tell this was a machine with a quality ride and feel. It is stable and smooth.  Shifting your weight from side to side for turns is effortless. You and the wheel can float through the world as one, as if you are flying on the ground.

Once you have struggled to pull down the Kingsongs very tight foot pedals, they feel solid and substantial to stand on. There are rubber pads with good grip. They mate to my shoes well. There is almost a slight cushioned feel to the pads that I have not felt with any other wheel. Peddle height and size is appropriate. You can weave and bob down the road without fear of peddle scraping. I spend up to 2 hours at a time on the Kingsong without feeling the peddles could be any better than they are.

My Kingsong has the larger 830wh battery. The motor produces 800 watts, which I assume without close inspection is beefier and heavier than 500 watt wheels. All this extra weight goes unnoticed in your travels.

Speed is important if you do much distance riding. At first, 12 mph seems fast enough, but as your skills increase, you get the itch for more speed. I have another wheel that goes 30 mph. I have discovered that is too fast. The Kingsong 16 is preprogramed to go 12 mph, but you can decode it for 18 mph. I believe you will find even after much experience that to be a practical speed limit.

There is a slight pitched whistle coming from the motor that I don’t like. It is very faint. At first you hear nothing, but as you go faster and faster the sound starts and grows. The beauty of a good wheel is not only that it feels good to ride, but that the electric motor takes you down the road quietly, allowing the sounds of the world to play out.

The Kingsong likes to take advantage of its speakers by making loud announcements such as, “Welcome to Kingsong” when you turn it on. It also chimes in to warn you are going too fast, which for me seems all the time. I like to float fast. I placed tape over the speakers, but they are still too loud.

The overall construction of the Kingsong is good. The handle has a nice soft rubber coating. Its outer hard plastic body is solid and free of any offending plastic smells. It is a basic model with a touch of luxury. There is a headlight that illuminates just well enough to operate cautiously at night. I love the fact it turns on and off automatically.  There is a large break light for warning those behind you.

At first, the walkabout handle seemed unimpressive, for a capable rider ought to be able to carry their wheel. But after a while you get accustomed to its ease of use.

I like to travel the world discovering new things, all while floating on my wheel. I have purchase many over the past 2 years in search of all the perfect elements. This wheel is close; so very close. If I was deaf to the Kingsong noises and could effortlessly fold down the foot pedals, I would have finally found my heaven.