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My soon to be 11 year old saved his money (we were making him pay for half of whatever he chose). for an electric transportation…. his friends had hoverboards and electric skateboards.. so we went through a very lengthy research and YouTube watching binge for quite a long time!! He decided on the KingSong 14D and absolutely LOVES it! Picked it up after two hours! He held my left arm and we went up and down street, then switched to holding my right arm. Soon enough he was going by himself while I jogged beside him till he mastered it! We have a steep driveway that he did great on! He even wheeled off road a bit and over sticks I placed on road – just so he could see how easy it was and didn’t have to fear it. My son mostly usually had riden his bike and a push scooter… skateboard once in awhile, but was still able to master this quickly! I do suggest shin guards over the calves… we took an old pair and cut the feet out then turned them to cover near calf where it hits the device…. he won’t need these long, probably just squeezing his legs a bit till gets completely comfortable. Bluetooth is awesome!! The app is HORRIBLE!!!! In Chinese…. gave up trying to figure it… even deleted it and used another someone had mentioned called Darkbot. This at least is in English and we can see when his wheel is fully charged, but does not tell tire pressure. We kept the foam insert as a stand for it for when charging or not using. Wish it had a type of kickstand – otherwise he has to lay it on the ground. There is YouTube video by a guy who made one, but way to complicated for me! I will keep researching and eventually come up with something. He loves the pull up handle, and not heavy to pick up when needed. I had locked his speed out at 12mph on the original app – that I ended up deleting- but hindsight I should have just left it, he’s not a crazy boy – pretty responsible and knows his limits. I would highly recommend this product and my soon to be 13 year old is jelly;) He’s not a saver, so will probably be awhile for him!