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Top Notch Quality Performance Unicycle!

I purchased a KingSong 16″ 840wh from this distributor. I considered every option out there for getting a King Song into the USA, and none of the other options made as much sense as this one. This distributor has a fantastic reputation within the worldwide electric unicycle communities, known as a very knowledgeable expert always seeking for the best machine out there in both quality and performance. I knew I wanted buy my first King Song from this seller. So I did. First of all, this thing is faaaast! I set my speed limiter to [0, 0, 30, 30] on the app (after unlocking it). My maximum reached during my first ride was 32.5 kph (20 mph), real speed. It was truly exhilarating to ride so fast. Definitely felt quite significantly faster than my slightly older wheel (from a different manufacturer) while riding. King Song is legit! The lift test cutoff was ~45 km/hr on the app, with tilt back enabled (can’t be disabled). I wear protection of course, which is very important at these speeds. The hidden trolley handle is awesome! This is very important for areas were riding is forbidden, such as inside malls, train wagons, etc. Now that I have it, I can’t live without it. I hope all future wheels implement this. I love the multi-colored side led lights, especially when also playing music from the Bluetooth speakers (which are LOUD on max volume). I play some techno trance. I look futuristic, and I sound futuristic. Pedestrians are always in shock! Tire is rated for 65 psi. So nice! High pressure riding is very important for both, battery range, and odometer/speedometer consistency. I ensure to never ride below a minimum of 50 psi. Of course, you can also replace it with pretty much any other 16″ aftermarket tire, it will fit no problem. Important if you’d prefer an off-roading grip, or a snow tire. As of the time of this review, internal temperature has never reached 50C, so I haven’t yet got to witness the cooling fan in action [which activates at 50C]. Even going uphill (non-mountainous terrain) I was able to go max speed no problem. I weight ~145 lbs. This machine runs cool. The pedal height is excellent. They don’t scrape the floor when I corner. Floor-scraping was a major cause of accidents for me on a different wheel from a different manufacturer. I’m glad King Song 16 doesn’t have this problem.