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V5F+ is an amazing wheel!

Hey! I’ve got interested in electric unicycle only quite recently and almost by accident. However, I immediately fell in love with this type of transport. As it provides you lightweight and flexible way to move around your surroundings. Before the purchase, I was researching the market for the best wheel in regards to price/specs. I believe you must learn the new skill with a decent instrument and have read the reviews of different brands I’ve been a little bit confused.

There always been some cons with the wheels from different companies, but I wanted the best wheel for the price. That’s how I found out about Inmotion company. I actually surfed the web and found a great forum community, from where I read about this beautiful V5F+ wheel available exclusively on ( in Europe). The community members who already tested the device gave such a good praise to that wheel, so without further do, I decided to order one.

I’m living in a small country of Estonia, located near Finland. It’s so called Baltic region. Shipping was handled excellently. I received an initial confirmation after the payment, then a day later the tracking number and extra info regarding the couriers. My package was sent by DPD, which is a fast and reliable courier. The e-wheel arrived in 4 days and was delivered right to my apartment. I was super excited! Excellent!

The wheel itself has been packaged very well. First of all, the box with the wheel itself was stored in another shipping box, which adds additional protection while delivering. The wheel was heavily protected by cushioning with a place for accessories like manual, charger and warranty. Wheelgo have included a free of charge mudguard and handle, which was also perfectly packed in the box. Overall, unboxing experience was great! Once I opened the box and tried out the wheel in my apartment, I’ve realized how beautiful this thing is.

To start learning how to stand, I used the instructional video, which helped a lot. After spending around 3-4 hours, I’ve already stood and have ridden a couple of meters. On the third day I was riding on the street with no help on a full speed. Cool. I’ve tested the wheel for 4 days now and it’s an amazing value for the price. The speed is perfect, the wheel is lightweight and comfortable and battery lasts insanely long. I’ve ridden quite a long trip from one town to another and had only 1/4 of the battery spent. It’s amazing. I haven’t tried any other e-wheels, but this one seems perfect for my needs, which are commuting to work (16km), cycling in the city, riding to the coastline (to see that sunset!) and occasional trip offroads. It also charges really fast, which is a plus.

As a frequent user of big electric scooters, I’m amazed that this type of transport can provide the same amount of comfort and speed and also fun to ride. I switched to EUC and not going back! 🙂 Concluding, it was super pleasant and professional experience ordering from ( Thank you for answering my questions in a quick manner! I might order one more wheel soon! 🙂 Fully recommended!